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Audit is not a procedure for finding out the error in the system rather it is a tool which helps management in smooth running of operation by having the complete control over the operation of an organisation. So it cannot be limited to only accounts or taxation.
Every business is different and each business involves difference sets of complication. Many a time regular audits cannot suffice the purpose of an audit, as some areas are more critical than other and management would like to have special checks on those areas. Some areas are being neglected often but a proper audit can give a great value addition there.
Apart from conventional audits like Statutory Audit, Internal Audits and Tax Audit, We are offering specific auditing services to our clients, below mentioned are some of those areas where are rendering the audit;
Management Audits
Every management wants a systematic examination of its decisions and action to analyse the performance which includes an assessment of methods and policies of the management in the administration and the use of resources, tactical and strategic planning, and employee and organizational improvement.
We are providing tailor made services to our client in the area. For one of our client (a fortune 500 company) we are providing solutions which consist of implementation of their new business model across India, formation of policies & SoPs, conduct regular audits to evaluate the performance and to suggest the improvements in the working.
Depots Audit
Stock Audits are routine jobs in the organisations but establishment of improved procedures and controls over those procedures are often neglected. These procedures or controls can be great tool for an organisation to establish a control over the operations of a far situated depot. These controls may also help an organisation in avoiding many disputes and frauds.
We, at NDRL are helping the companies to establish these controls and to ensure continuous following of those controls by conducting audits at regular intervals. We have extensive experience in the area and a network across India, to conduct audits along with stock verifications at all major cities in India.
Technical Audit
There are many areas of technical nature which involve lengthy working, hence, it becomes impossible to audit these areas at the year end. Few such areas are scheme discount working for a dealer oriented company. From interpretation of scheme to final calculations of discount amount, it involves human interventions. Hence, it may be an error prone area. Other areas may be working of royalty, stock valuation etc.
Audits assure the stake holders and management that their accounts are reliable and internal controls framed are operating efficiently. We at NDRL offer specifically designed audits within the scope of the statutory audits or as part of a dedicated management audit role.
A multi-skilled team with experience in taxation and business management accounting conducts the audits with the latest methods and information system tools. Team with a business oriented approach focuses on understanding the client's business much deeper than the mere knowledge of the accounting system and records that makes them more alert to problems and opportunities from a management and commercial perspective.
The broad-based experience of the team can often lead to the identification of opportunities in areas such as tax savings, improved efficiency, cash control, or organisational duplication which can have a substantial effect on profitability. We believe approach for each of our Audit Assignment should be tailored to client's individual needs; provide access to the highest level of advice in a manner that is always friendly and practical.
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